I know it’s almost December, and most people are gravitating towards heavier reds, but a good glass of white wine will always be my go to. One of my personal favorites is a 2015 New Zealand sauvignon blanc called Greywacke, by Kevin Judd. The notes in this wine are a blend of nectarines, yellow peaches, lemon zest, jasmine and topped off with a musky finish. This sauvignon blanc has a wonderful blend of melons as well. The overall taste of the wine is crisp, light and refreshing. One might describe the overall flavor profile of the fruits as tropical. At around $21 a bottle, it is a reasonable price for the quality of the  wine. Questions with what to pair it with? Easy. I’ll break it down for you. Meat: White meats including chicken and turkey. Fish: Trout, cod, halibut, muscles, crab, lobster, clams and oysters. Spices and herbs: Parsley, basil, mint, thyme, fennel, dill, chives and rosemary. Spices: White pepper, coriander, fennel, turmeric and saffron. Cheese: Goat, or anything on the softer side. Vegetables: Asparagus, cucumber and zucchini. Whether you’re at home cooking a nice meal or in need of a bottle of wine for a dinner party, this Greywacke will be loved by all who enjoy white wine.




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