Henri Bourgeois 2015 Les Baronnes Sancerre Review

I was recently at a dinner party where the hosts had a bottle of Henri Bourgeois 2015 Les Baronnes Sancerre. As most of you know, I’m defiantly a white wine enthusiast, and I thought this was delicious! The bottle was about $25, which I’ve noticed seems about the average price for a good Sancerre. Wine Enthusiast described this wine as, “ripe, intense and with great acidity. A good mineral texture enhances the white fruits, apricots and pineapple. The aftertaste is crisp and tight.” Wine Enthusiast also suggests keeping it until 2017 for the wine to be at its best. I agree with Wine Enthusiast’s tasting note descriptions. I found the wine to be light, smooth and delicate. We paired it with black cod, rice, salad and soup. Dessert was an apple crisp pie and vanilla ice cream. For anyone that enjoys white wine, I would highly recommend this one.

Below is a link from New York Times, describing more in detail about Sancerre and its history.





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