Starbucks To Only Serve Wine At Luxury Stores

I found an article on Decanter today which was very interesting to me. I found this to be a relevant article because I recently saw a red wine available to purchase at a Starbucks in Scottsdale, Arizona. I found it odd and out of place. Quite frankly it shocked me. The wine was displayed next to one of their sandwiches, proposing the idea of pairing it. It also happened to be next to an old fashioned doughnut. My opinion was that Starbucks is trying too hard to push a classier, more french style cafe experience on customers. Ironically, I now live in Seattle, where Starbucks first started. It’ll be interesting to see how many locations decide to serve wine in the Seattle area, and if I notice it being served outside of Seattle again.

What are people’s thoughts on this? Do you like the idea of Starbucks trying to offer a more high end cafe experience? Do you find it out of place and odd like I did?

Below is the link. I’d like to hear your thoughts/opinions!


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