Chalkboard Chardonnay Review

What intrigued me about this bottle was the logo… and the price! Like the name indicates, I liked that the logo resembled an actual chalkboard. I found it to be both creative and innovative. The descriptive words on the bottle such as, “hand crafted, limited production and small lot” caught my eye too. The bottle also described the wine as having “fresh aromas of melon and pineapple with notes of vanilla and spice”, which drew my intrigue even further. Found at Fry’s Supermarket in Scottsdale, Arizona, the bottle was originally $15.99 and was on sale for $9.99. On the back of the bottle, this 2014 Chalkboard California Chardonnay says: “Ahhh, the chalkboard special! A familiar sight from Sonoma to Paris and all sidewalks in between. We travel the world to unearth little hidden wine gems for our vino version of the daily special. Delightfully fresh and casual, Chalkboard wines put a little sit-back-and-relax into your get-up-and-go. This classic California Chardonnay has bright tropical fruit character with crisp acidity. It is a perfect match for grilled halibut topped with mango salsa”. As far as color goes,  I would say it wasn’t very pale, but more of a deep yellow, and had a fresh, crisp finish.

Below is an article from Wine Folly that I found to be helpful in not only discussing food pairings for Chardonnay, but also the differences between unoaked and oaked Chardonnay. If any of you have ever wondered by some Chardonnay tastes buttery, and why some tastes oaky, this article is for you! Enjoy!



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