Novelty Hill 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Review

Last weekend I went to a dinner party where they served the most wonderful red wine. I recently moved from Scottsdale, Arizona to Seattle, Washington and have been loving the wine scene here! The wine that was served was a local 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon by Novelty Hill. Since I didn’t purchase this bottle myself, I found that it was $26 from Wine Enthusiast. For the quality of the wine, I would say it’s not a bad price at all. This Columbia Valley red was smooth and easy to drink. One of the guests even said that typically he only drinks white wine, but this red was so smooth that he loved it!

Notes from Wine Enthusiast:

“Cocoa powder, vanilla, toast and high-toned blue and black-fruit flavors are followed by a flavorful fruit-forward palate. It doesn’t always seem entirely varietal but still brings plenty of appeal”. Wine Enthusiast also gave it 90 points.

To be honest, I don’t like many Cabernet Sauvignon wines myself. I think I can blame drinking too many cheap reds in college for that one haha but I really enjoyed this wine as well. We paired it with salmon, which isn’t a traditional pairing for this type of wine, but it was still delicious. Most of the time, meat is preferred over fish when drinking Cabernet Sauvignon.


Below are two links for food pairings. Between the two, there are lots of unique food options that would serve well for dinner parties.

Cheers & bon appétit!





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