La Granja 360 Tempranillo Review

The other night I was at a dinner party where the hosts served a very tasty Tempranillo. The wine was called La Granja 360. I could see what was so intriguing about the logo, too… a flying pig! Haha I can say what surprised me the most though was how affordable this wine was. I did some research after trying this bottle to find that it can be found at Trader Joe’s in their “Cheap Wine Picks” for $3.99!!! That’s what amazes me about wine, you can have a very inexpensive bottle and fool people into thinking its a $20-25 bottle of wine. It just goes to show you that just because a bottle is expensive, doesn’t always mean it’s the best. Sometimes the $3.99 bottle tastes even better 🙂 Something else interesting to note about this wine too is that it’s won many awards and received 85-86 points. Below is the link to their website to learn more about this wines awards and acknowledgements.


La Granja 360 Tempranillo description: “It is a soft rounded juicy red wine, the rich ripe raspberry flavors are nicely balanced with tobacco and coffee notes.”

I agree with the notes listed here. I was able to taste the coffee notes and ripe, fresh berry flavors. I found this wine to be smooth and easy to drink. Coming from a person who prefers white, I thought this red wasn’t overly powerful or flabby. Many guests at the party who prefer white wine also agreed that this was an easy to drink red.

Pairings and Profile of Tempranillo Wine:

Below is a link to an article that I found extremely useful and informational. Wine Folly describes what a Tempranillo wine is made of, what to pair with it, and also average prices/what to look for when buying Tempranillo.

Cheers… and enjoy!



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