2015 Oak Cask Trapiche Malbec Review

This week I decided to review a 2015 Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina called Trapiche. What intrigued me upon choosing this bottle was that it got 90 points from James Suckling. On the Trapiche website, I found out it won other awards too including 88 points from Wine Spectator, and 88 points from Wine Enthusiast. I found this bottle at our local grocery store chain in Seattle, Washington called QFC. QFC is owned by Kroger, so I’m sure that finding this bottle at a grocery store near you would be easy. On sale for about $11.99, I found it to be a good price for a wine that was easy to drink. The profile wasn’t too complex, so it could be a good introductory wine for people just starting to explore reds/Malbec.


“Purple-colored, the nose offers up plum and black cherry notes with a touch of black pepper. The palate is soft and round with ripe, saturated berry flavors. Finishes spicy and full with chewy tannins.” (http://www.trapichewines-usa.com/wine/oak-cask-malbec/)


The official website for Trapiche Argentina suggests that this Malbec be served with cheeses, red meats, mushrooms, stew and the typical Argentine “Asado”.

What is “Asado?”

I had never heard of this before today! It turns out Asado is similar to barbeque, although if you ask someone from Argentina if it’s similar they will be insulted! Asado is made from a similar concept- fire, grill and meat, but it is different. Below is a step by step link from an article by The Real Argentina. I’d love to hear feedback if people have ever had this meal or if they plan to make it!


Cheers… and bon appétit!

Trapiche Malbec.jpg


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