Domaine de l’Idylle Cruet 2015 Review

Shabbat dinner called for some good French white wine┬á­čśő ┬áthis week I decided to review the 2015 Domain de L’Idylle. We paired this wine with black cod, rice and mushroom soup. For dessert we had a mixed berry cobbler. Needless to say I’m not working on my summer body hahah. I found that the average price for this wine is around $15. That is very reasonable for the quality!


“Very bright white with┬ásubtle citrus aromas (lemon) and little white flowers.┬áThe wine has a frank attack, a nice intensity, elegant roundness due to the maturation on the lees.” (


The official website for this wine recommended lake or river fish (trout with almonds or dimmer of sole) and shellfish. Cheese and fondue was also recommended.

I also found a fun article from Food & Wine on French pairings. The article isn’t specific to this one particular wine, but all kinds of French wines. There are some pretty amazing recipes in here. I’d love to hear feedback if anyone attempts to create one of these pairings!

Cheers, my fellow wine lovers!



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