Dark Horse Big Red Blend Review

This weeks Wine of the Week is a Dark Horse Big Red Blend. This wine is an amazing steal…only $10 and can be found at almost any grocery store chain near you. Wine Enthusiast magazine gave it 87 points and awarded it “Best Buy”. This red blend is smooth and easy to drink. Highly recommended for people who are just starting to introduce themselves to red wine. I liked this wine for what it was. It wasn’t very complex but it was mild and enjoyable. And for $10?! Psssssh, I’ll drink it any day 😏


Dark horse describes this wine as having notes of dark berry, black currant and dark roasted oak.

“Super ripe black cherry and dried plum aromas, generous and rich fruit flavors and a smooth texture make this appealing all the way through. Made from Tempranillo and four other varieties, it’s boldly flavored but not especially full-bodied, and feels just grippy enough on the palate to go well with burgers and ribs”. (http://www.winemag.com/buying-guide/dark-horse-nv-big-red-other)


As most of you probably already know, meat is recommended with red wine. I found a great article though that’s a tutorial of basic wine and food pairings from Wine Folly. Click the link below for more information!


Bottoms up, my fellow wine lovers! 🍷

Dark Horse Photo.jpg


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