2005 Golan Heights Moscato

This week we’re tasting wine from Israel! 🇮🇱  Fun fact: Israel is now considered a producer of world-class bottlings, like this Moscato from the southern Golan Heights. This wine is kosher as well, for anybody that keeps a kosher home or wanted to bring a bottle as a gift for a Jewish household. The average price for this bottle is around $14.50 (www.vivino.com) I saw that some websites classified this wine as dessert wine. Moscato is on the sweetest end of the spectrum as far as sweet wines go, but I wouldn’t call this “dessert wine”. Dessert wine is served in much smaller portions (2 ounces) per glass pour. I was able to drink this in a typical 4-6 ounce pour.


“Floral in its aroma, slightly spritzy and offers flavors of stone fruit and apple”. (http://www.vinesse.com/buy/2005-golan-heights-isreal-moscato/)

Top places to visit in Israel for wine tasting:

Below is a link that’s super interesting and helpful for anyone who is traveling to Israel and loves wine. One of the top recommendations is Golan Heights! “Distributed in over 32 countries and the winner of over 70 international awards, the Golan Heights Winery is one of the country’s finest. Established over 30 years ago, many will recognize their leading wine brands such as Yarden and Hermon. Wine enthusiasts can enjoy wine tastings, guided tours through the vineyards and more at the winery’s visitors’ center, located in Katzrin, Golan Heights.” (The Culture Trip)

Click below to learn more.


Mazel tov!

Golan Moscato.jpg


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