Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc Review

Sauvignon Blanc for life! I’m about to start making T shirts that say “Team Sauvignon Blanc” ­čśé ┬áThis weeks Wine of the Week is a 2016 Sauvignon Blanc by┬áPomelo. Pomelo can be found at Total Wine for around $12.00. I’ve also seen it at many grocery store chains and independent, small wine shops as well. This is one of my all time┬áfavorite Sauvignon Blancs actually. It’s very easy to drink, especially in the summer! The crisp taste of the wine is perfect when chilled on a sunny day. We paired this wine with salmon, rice, asparagus, brussels sprouts, salad and challah. Very tasty ­čśő

“The rich, red volcanic soils of Mason Vineyard in Lake County provides ripe Sauvignon Blanc flavor and body year after year. Fruit from the coastal influenced Monterey County and from the mineral rich soils of Clarksburg provide complexity to our blend. Aromas of fragrant white blossoms lead to white peach, melon and ripe citrus on the palate complemented by a lovely lemon curd finish.” (https://www.masoncellars.com/wines/pomelo)
Cheers… and enjoy!

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