Kirkland Signature Prosecco

This week we’re tasting bubbly from none other than Costco! Haha I was really curious to try Costco’s Kirkland Signature Prosecco and compare it to nice Prosecco I’ve had in the past. For around $7 a bottle I thought why not? I was VERY impressed! To be honest I’ve had bottles of Prosecco that cost over $40 and found this $7 bottle to taste almost identical to expensive brands. If you did a blind taste with the Kirkland Signature Prosecco and a higher priced bottle I highly doubt you’d even be able to taste a difference.


Color is light golden yellow with notes of yellow peach, apple and pear. This bubbly is perfectly crisp and refreshing with a fruity finish.


Below is a link to a fun article by Fiona Beckett Matching Food and Wine:

Also something to note for those who do not know… Prosecco is not Champagne! Since it’s not grown in the Champagne region of France (this Prosecco is from Italy) it cannot be called Champagne. We can simply call it “bubbly” 😄





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