Pomelo Rosé Review

This week was special because I ordered a 2016 Rosé by Pomelo, a California wine from Mason Cellars that I really love. As many of you know, I love the Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc and didn’t even know that Mason Cellars made a Rosé until recently! I searched numerous different grocery store chains, large commercial wine shops and small, independently owned wine shops to find their Rosé but didn’t have any luck. After a frustrating search I realized that I couldn’t order the Rosé directly from the Mason Cellars site, and had to order it from One Stop Wine Shop (http://www.onestopwineshop.com/). The bottle itself is $12.00 plus shipping which was around $14. The total for the wine then was about $26. I found this site to be helpful though because they sell many different kinds of wine, so it’s worth checking out if you can’t find a specific bottle at your local/nearest grocery stores and wine shops! Another frustration I ran into was that I didn’t realize you had to be at your place of residence to sign for packages. I was out of town and didn’t know this so I had the package sent to my nearest UPS. Upon picking up the bottle, I was then charged an additional $10 for their “service fee”. The bottle then cost a total of $36. More expensive than I’d have liked to pay, but again I was just happy to taste the wine I’d been searching for.




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