2013 Piedlong Châteauneuf Du Pape and Bateau Review

This weeks Wine of the Week is a 2013 Châteauneuf Du Pape from Piedlong and also a review of Bateau restaurant in Seattle, WA. This is a special review because we purchased this bottle during our trip to France recently. It was about 50 Euros, so close to $55/$60 in US currency. We purchased it from a small, independent wine shop in Nice. We took this bottle with us to celebrate my birthday at Bateau in Seattle as well. We paired this wine with many of their appetizer/entree options including their Bateau salad, carpaccio, fried summer squash, frites with aioli, buttery mashed potatoes and top sirloin steak. It was incredible! The sleek palate of the wine complimented the steak. Notes seemed to be of black currant and a mix of other dark berries/fruits. I would highly recommend this wine and restaurant if you’re looking for an upscale, fun night out. The interior of the restaurant is modern and aesthetically interesting. A giant chalkboard is displayed showing the cuts of the day and crossed off individually as each person orders.

For more restaurant information visit:

Unfamiliar with Châteauneuf Du Pape? Visit the link below from Wine Folly to learn more about the Rhône region of France, the wine characteristics, insight about purchasing a bottle and more.




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