Nebbiolo, Malabaila, Roero Piemonte 2014 Wine and a Mano Restaurant Review

This weeks Wine of the Week is from a very special weekend getaway I took to San Francisco recently. We met up with a friend at a Mano, a modern, upscale Italian restaurant. For the appetizer, we ordered the cauliflower with lemon, chili and bagna cauda. For dinner, we ordered the margarita pizza and the chestnut campanelle and brussels sprouts pasta. Everything was incredible! We paired the food with the Italian red which the waitress recommended, and I’m so glad we did because all of the flavors blended so well with each other. For pricing, the bottle of Nebbiolo at a Mano was $48. I tried to find more info on this wine by looking at their website ( but found it quite hard due to the fact that it’s an Italian website.

I’d defiantly recommend this wine and this restaurant for anyone living in San Francisco or for people traveling/passing through. It had a great ambiance to it… dimly lit with indoor and outdoor seating and a decor that had both a modern and artistic aesthetic. The pricing for the wine and food was affordable as well for how good of quality everything was.

To learn more about their wine list and outstanding food options visit their website at:

Also, for those who don’t know…

What is Nebbiolo wine?

I actually didn’t know the finer details until tasting this bottle that night. Attached below is a link from Wine Folly that does an excellent job in describing what a Nebbiolo wine is all about.


a Mano


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