La Ferme du Mont Première Côte Côtes du Rhône 2015 Review

This weeks Wine of the Week is also very special because we picked up this bottle on our last trip to France! We purchased this bottle at an independently owned wine shop in Nice, France for around the equivalent of about thirty U.S. dollars.


From the Rhône Valley, this wine is bursting with flavors of cherries, pepper, licorice, lavender and minerals.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this variety of wine, Wine Folly does a great job explaining what it’s all about! Click the link below:

What to pair with Côtes du Rhône wine? Below is a link from Food & Wine that offers some delicious ideas of different entrees to pair it with.

We decided to save this bottle and pair it with one of our favorite go-to dinners: steak with grilled garlic potatoes, brussels sprouts and a fresh side salad.

Cheers… and bon appetit!




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