Growing up in the Willamette Valley, I became fascinated by the culture surrounding wine. My first memorable experience was a tasting at Willamette Valley Vineyards, in which I came to discover the complexity of wine, its rich global history, and the profound diversity of taste. From that point forward, I knew this was a world I wanted to be a part of.

After that formative experience, I began working as a wine specialist, which introduced me in greater detail to the oenophile culture and the business of wine; from the vineyard to the storefront to the glass. This is where my journey truly started. Looking ahead, I plan to challenge myself and become a sommelier, with the ambition of becoming a vocal proponent of a new generation in wine.

What I love about wine, is its unique ability to bring people together. Each glass, each bottle tells a different story; A living history if you will. One that can be enjoyed with friends, family and even alone. The truth of the matter, is that people are often intimidated by wine given its pretentious reputation. My intention in creating this blog is to explore the world of wine and viticulture from an easily accessible insider’s perspective. I aim to share my knowledge and experiences with wine, in the hope of showing people that it doesn’t have to be a stale, insufferable topic to understand. Rather, it is fun, exciting, and delicious!

Each week I will review a different “reasonably priced” wine from around the world. I will also periodically write about such topics as Wine in Film/Books, Restaurants, the Business of Wine, Tastings, and Wine Destinations.



– Jessica Burton AKA VinoJess