Ruffino Prosecco Review

It’s Monday. Monday’s suck. So we’re out here poppin’ bottles for wine of the week! Enjoy this Prosecco by itself or pair with fresh orange juice to make a mimosa. Notes include peach and golden apple. this bottle was actually a gift, so I had to do a little bit of research to find the price. Seems like the price point is anywhere from $10.99-13.99 and can be found at retailers such as Total Wine and other wine websites. I highly recommend this bottle- it was fresh, light and delicate. Perfect for a spring night, paired with  fresh seafood or any kind of poultry/fish. To pair with dessert I would do truffle popcorn or any kind of chocolate. A mixed berry tart would compliment this sparkling wine as well.



2016 JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay Review

This is weeks Wine of the Week is a 2016 Butter Chardonnay. We found this bottle at Costco and I was so excited because I don’t often see it at many places to buy! I’m not a huge fan of most Chardonnay wines, but I really do love this one. If you purchase this bottle directly from their website ( it’s $15.99. The price was similar at Costco as well, around $12.99 or so.


“Butter brims with stone fruit and baked-lemon notes resulting in a vanilla finish” (JaM Cellars). Rich, creamy and smooth, I highly recommend this wine for people who have ever been skeptical of Chardonnay wines.



2016 CMS Sauvignon Blanc Review

Sauvignon Blanc Monday’s? Is that a thing yet? It should be!!! Wine of the Week is from CMS. Notes include a mix of Chardonnay and Marsanne, with Sauvignon Blanc making up 75% of the wine to give it its classic, fruity flavor profile. “Beautifully structured with wonderful Sauvignon Blanc fruit character, the mouth feel has a delicate balance of acid angularity and defined herbal sophistication.” (

I surprisingly found this bottle at Costco for around $6.99, an incredible deal for how delicious it was! I loved that it was a local, Washington State wine as well.

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Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc Taste Off!

Wine of the Week is a taste off between the last Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc I reviewed and this Nobilo Icon collection Sauvignon Blanc.

The Nobilo Icon “represents the pinnacle of our winemaking from our ‘favorite’ vineyard in the Awatare valley of the Marlborough. The style of wine is focused on bright intensity and balance”. (

Tropical fruits such as passionfruit and citrus, flavors of jalapeño, herbs and a slight mineral finish.

Pairing ideas:
Nobilo recommends an assortment of seafood dishes such as oysters, prawn and lemon skewers, and steamed mussels.

Final conclusions:
While I’m a firm believer that it’s hard to taste a bad Sauvignon Blanc, I would have to say that the Icon Collection was my favorite. The taste was smoother overall and better quality than the last Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc I reviewed. Again, I enjoyed both but the Icon was my preferred bottle! That being said, this bottle was about twice the price of the last one. The last was on sale for $9.99 and I’m seeing that this bottle ranges between $16-18.

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2011 Clos De Trias Review

This weeks wine of the week is a special one because it’s from our most recent trip to Hawaii. We stayed in Honolulu and tried this bottle at Roy’s Restaurant in Waikiki. I had actually tasted this wine at other restaurants in Oahu and loved it so much that we got a bottle that time around. This red rhone is bursting with flavors of berries, peppercorn, plum, cherry, lavender and a touch of smoky wood. While those flavors sound intense, all the notes combined created a smooth and wonderful profile that was very easy on the palette. About $35 for the bottle (overpriced because we purchased it directly from the restaurant) I’m sure you could find it for a better deal through your local wine shop or online. Highly recommended!



2016 Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc Review

Sauvignon Blanc for liiiiife! Wine of the Week is a 2016 Nobilo from New Zealand.

Notes include a blend of ripe, crisp tropical fruits. Nobilo recommends serving this wine with fresh seafood, summer salads and poultry dishes.

On sale for $9.99 at QFC (a Kroger owner grocery store), I think it was a steal for how delicious this wine was.

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Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava Review

Need a little hair of the dog after Super Bowl Sunday? 🏈 I got what you need! This weeks Wine of the Week is some bubbly 🥂🍾 Pair this with a splash of orange juice (no pulp) to creat a mimosa that will get you feelin’ right. I found this bottle at QFC for only $7.99! I was stoked to find a Spanish sparkling wine to mix a mimosa for such a great deal.

Crisp, clean, delicate and rich in flavor with a hint of florals.

For those who are unfamiliar… what is cava?
Below is a link from one of my favorite websites, Wine Folly, which does a wonderful job at describing what cava is all about.



Purple Wine Bar & Cafe (Bellevue Location) Review

This weeks Wine of the Week is a review of Purple Wine Bar & Cafe in Bellevue, WA. With two other locations in Woodinville and Seattle, this is a wonderful dining experience and offers an incredible selection of all different kinds of wine. Purple has a literal book of wine choices, so there is something for everybody!

For lunch, my friend and I split the cauliflower and lentil salad with the grilled salmon Bahn Mi sandwich. Soooo good!

Domaine Des Pothiers ‘Granit’: Côte Roannaise, France ’16, $10

“This blend of Grenache and Syrah will make you want to party!” (

For full wine list and food options be sure to check out Purple Cafe’s website below:

Cheers… and bon appétit!




Pho Bac Súp Shop Restaurant and Wine Bar Review

Switching it up for this weeks Wine of the Week! I recently visited the wine shop inside the new Pho Bac restaurant in Seattle. The Pho Bac Súp Shop was incredible! The original restaurant, located right next door, was the first Pho restaurant in Seattle. This is a very inconic food spot to Seattleites. The restaurant building is a small red boat, which I’m obsessed with!

Besides the modern, chic vibes of the interior of the Súp Shop, the incredible service (full of bubbly, energetic servers) I was loving their selection of cocktails and natural wines. They set up a wine shop which had a variety of red, white and bubbly, with everything being all natural. I was convinced to try a wine that they recommended in a can called “Ramona” by one of the waiters. This was a ruby grapefruit wine with a 7% alcohol percentage. It was so tasty, it didn’t even taste like alcohol! You know that’s when it’s dangerous though hahaha. I also tasted some of their white wines including a dry reisling, a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon Blanc. All were wonderful.

I’d defiantly recommend this restaurant if you love Pho/Vietnamese food in general. They had a photo booth inside which was a fun addition as well. I’d recommend this place for a date night or if you’re just feelin’ like some real tasty drinks and food choices.





Ava Grace Vineyards 2016 Sauvignon Blanc Review

This weeks Wine of the Week is a Sauvignon Blanc from Ava Grace Vineyards. This 2016 California wine was an incredible deal for how delicious it was! Originally around $9.99, I found it on sale for around $7 at QFC (QFC is a grocery store chain owned by Kroger). This wine was so light, refreshing and easy to drink. Highly recommended for anyone who loves a wine with strong notes of citrus and floral.


Grapefruit, melon and gooseberry.


2015 “Great Value” – Wine Spectator

2015 “Best Buy” – Wine Enthusiast

To learn more about this delicious wine and other options from Ava Grace Vineyards visit their website at: