It’s A Headsnapper 2016 Sauvignon Blanc Review

This week we’re tasting wine from Marlborough, New Zealand! The wine of the week is “It’s a Headsnapper”, which is a 2016 Sauvignon Blanc. I honestly picked this bottle because the label is so incredibly cute! It was only around $10-12 too. We found this wine at Safeway, a grocery store in Seattle Washington (Safeway is all over the western and central United States though). On the back of the bottle it says, “When a wine is so memorable that it makes you do a double take, you know it’s a Headsnapper…WARNING: MAY CAUSE WHIPLASH”

Hahah cute, right?


“Racy and vibrant, our refreshing Sauvignon Blanc greets the nose with delicious aromas of gooseberry, kiwi-lime and tart green apples. Enjoy its crisp texture, balanced acid and zippy finish with fresh pasta, grilled shrimp and wood-fired pizza”.

Pairing Ideas:

While I normally do pairing suggestions that work well with whatever kind of wine I’m writing about, I thought I’d do something different today. As most of you know, Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite wine, and I write about it often. Today I’m going to share an article from Wine Enthusiast about wine and cheese. Although these pairing ideas aren’t specific to Sauvignon Blanc, I wanted to share some ideas of different kinds of cheeses that you could pair with It’s A Headsnapper Sauvignon Blanc, or other types of wine that you’re interested in. Gruyere is recommended for Sauvignon Blanc in this article.

Cheers… and bon appétit!


2015 Alamos Malbec Review

This weeks Wine of the Week is a Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina called Alamos. This 2015 Malbec was purchased from a QFC grocery store in Seattle, WA for $9.99, which was the sale price from the original price of $11.99. One of the reasons I chose this wine was because it received 91 points from James Suckling who described it as, “An attractive red with notes of dried berry and light chocolate. Spicy too. Full body…rich with a long and flavorful finish. This is a real Malbec.” ( We decided to go with a red wine because it paired nicely with our dinner which included steak, potatoes, salad and asparagus.


This wine “Blends the deeply concentrated plum flavors of the country’s signature variety-Malbec-with small portions of Syrah and Bonarda to add dark cherry and blackberry flavors. Well-integrated hints of brown spice and vanilla contribute layers of complexity.” (


The Wine Advocate“The 2015 Alamos Malbec returns to a fresher year after the slightly warmer 2014, and there is contained ripeness in this blend of grapes from throughout Mendoza. This is fresh and harmonious, polished and sleek, easy to understand but with good definition, fruit and depth; it has violet aromas and a very pleasant mouthfeel. All the figures here are mind-boggling, starting by the 16 agronomical engineers working in the vineyards and finishing with the impressive 11 million bottles of wine produced in 2015. So you can combine quantity and quality…. Rating: 89+” (


Below is a link from the Food Network website that suggests some really wonderful dishes that pair well with Malbec wine.






Régis Minet 2015 Vieilles Vignes (Pouilly-Fumé) Review

This week I’m writing about a Régis Minet 2015 Vieilles Vignes (Pouilly-Fumé) wine. This was such a delicious Sauvignon Blanc! We paired it with fish, rice and salad for Shabbat dinner. This wine costs about $20 and is a great price for the quality. Wine Enthusiast awarded it 88 points.


“This concentrated, ripe Sauvignon Blanc brims with rich apple, gooseberry and citrus flavors. It has a strongly mineral texture, tense acidity and a delicate, floral finish. The wine should be aged until 2015.” (


Below is a link from Merry Edwards Winery who suggests some wonderful ideas of dishes to pair with Sauvignon Blanc.


French Sauv.jpg

2015 Kung Fu Girl Riesling Review

This weeks Wine of the Week is a 2015 Washington State Riesling called Kung Fu Girl! We cooked a couple Indian dishes the other night and needed a wine to compliment the food. I researched which types of wine goes best with spicy food and was recommended either Riesling or Pinot Gris. I’m not too keen on sweet wines, but I’ve had a couple Riesling wines in the past that weren’t overly sweet that I liked. We found this bottle on sale for $10.99 (originally $11.99) at the QFC grocery store in Seattle, WA. As I’ve mentioned before, QFC is owned by Kroger. I’m sure there are Kroger grocery store chains near you! What also caught my eye was that this wine received 90 points from The Wine Advocate. Charles Smith described this wine as: “Juicy, lively, terrific purity…it’s a steal!” Also, Wine Enthusiast awarded this wine as “Best Buy”.


“This is an über-aromatic wine, with appealing notes of white peach, jasmine, honeysuckle and lime. It’s lean in style, drinking off dry but balanced by racy acidity that stretches out the finish.” (


Below is an article from Food & Wine about ideas for recipes that pair nicely with Riesling. Personally, I’m going to try the Tuna Poke with Riesling now! Sounds delicious.


Kungfu Girl.jpg

2005 Golan Heights Moscato

This week we’re tasting wine from Israel! 🇮🇱  Fun fact: Israel is now considered a producer of world-class bottlings, like this Moscato from the southern Golan Heights. This wine is kosher as well, for anybody that keeps a kosher home or wanted to bring a bottle as a gift for a Jewish household. The average price for this bottle is around $14.50 ( I saw that some websites classified this wine as dessert wine. Moscato is on the sweetest end of the spectrum as far as sweet wines go, but I wouldn’t call this “dessert wine”. Dessert wine is served in much smaller portions (2 ounces) per glass pour. I was able to drink this in a typical 4-6 ounce pour.


“Floral in its aroma, slightly spritzy and offers flavors of stone fruit and apple”. (

Top places to visit in Israel for wine tasting:

Below is a link that’s super interesting and helpful for anyone who is traveling to Israel and loves wine. One of the top recommendations is Golan Heights! “Distributed in over 32 countries and the winner of over 70 international awards, the Golan Heights Winery is one of the country’s finest. Established over 30 years ago, many will recognize their leading wine brands such as Yarden and Hermon. Wine enthusiasts can enjoy wine tastings, guided tours through the vineyards and more at the winery’s visitors’ center, located in Katzrin, Golan Heights.” (The Culture Trip)

Click below to learn more.

Mazel tov!

Golan Moscato.jpg

Dark Horse Big Red Blend Review

This weeks Wine of the Week is a Dark Horse Big Red Blend. This wine is an amazing steal…only $10 and can be found at almost any grocery store chain near you. Wine Enthusiast magazine gave it 87 points and awarded it “Best Buy”. This red blend is smooth and easy to drink. Highly recommended for people who are just starting to introduce themselves to red wine. I liked this wine for what it was. It wasn’t very complex but it was mild and enjoyable. And for $10?! Psssssh, I’ll drink it any day 😏


Dark horse describes this wine as having notes of dark berry, black currant and dark roasted oak.

“Super ripe black cherry and dried plum aromas, generous and rich fruit flavors and a smooth texture make this appealing all the way through. Made from Tempranillo and four other varieties, it’s boldly flavored but not especially full-bodied, and feels just grippy enough on the palate to go well with burgers and ribs”. (


As most of you probably already know, meat is recommended with red wine. I found a great article though that’s a tutorial of basic wine and food pairings from Wine Folly. Click the link below for more information!

Bottoms up, my fellow wine lovers! 🍷

Dark Horse Photo.jpg

2016 Charles & Charles Rosé Review

You know what time it is… Wine of the Week! This week I’m reviewing a 2016 Rosé from Charles and Charles, a local wine from Columbia Valley, Washington. This wine was found at QFC, a grocery store chain in Seattle, Washington on sale for $9.99. Such a steal for the quality of this Rosé.


60% Syrah, 17% Grenache, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Mourvèdre, 2% Cinsault and 1% Counoise.

“The color is a pale salmon, copper pink with flashes of fuchsia. The aromatics lead with notes of wild raspberry and cherry, giving in to bright citrus, Herbs de Provence and lavender. There’s a strong note of rose petal as well. All this carries through on a light and dynamic palate with a tangy bright finish.” (


I found a great article from Fiona Beckett called Matching Food & Wine. The article breaks down different kinds of Rosé and the foods that pair best with them including: light, dry Rosé, light off-dry Rosé, medium dry Rosé, elegant, fruity Rosé, full-bodied fruity Rosé, sparking Rosé and Rosé Champagne.

Cheers & bon appétit!

Charles and Charles

2015 Domaine De Montmarin Sauvignon Blanc Review

I recently had friends from out of town visit and they surprised me with a wonderful housewarming gift! Inside the basket of goodies was a bottle of 2015 Domaine De Montmarin Sauvignon Blanc. My friend was so sweet, she told me she purchased it for me not only for my love of white wine, but also for my love of France/French culture. I absolutely loved the wine, and was thrilled to try a French white that I’d never had before. Since this was a gift, I didn’t inquire about the price of the bottle, but upon doing my own research online, it looks like it can be purchased for around $11.99 from


“Lively and lush, with hints of tropical fruit. This well-balanced and nuanced Sauvignon blanc is great on its own or as a complement to salads and shell fish.” (2015 Domaine de Montmarin Sauvignon Blanc)

For those of you who have never had Sauvignon Blanc and want to learn more about it, click the link below. This article also has food pairing ideas. I found this site to be really useful and even learned some new facts about Sauvignon Blanc that I didn’t know!


Montmarin Sav

13 Celsius Sauvignon Blanc 2015 Review

This weeks wine of the week blew my mind! When the bottle is chilled to 13° Celsius (the ideal temperature to enjoy this wine) the label changes to blue! 13 Celsius Sauvignon Blanc 2015 was a great price too at around $14. It was purchased at a grocery store near my house. I thought the color changing label was a fun concept and would highly recommend this wine to people who love a good Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand!


“Vibrant aromatics of citrus, lychee, sweet herbs and a crisp minerality tease the refined acidity and refreshing finish that define iconic Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs. This Sauvignon Blanc is an incredibly food-friendly wine. The bright acidity refreshes the palate, herbal notes accentuate flavors, and hints of citrus can accompany a vast range of foods. The wine is complex and mineral, paired best with intricate, layered dishes such as sautéed sea bass with lemongrass, grilled Ahi tuna with watercress salad or a classic shrimp cocktail with a fresh avocado.” (

13 Celcius.jpg

Xavier Leconte Le Charme D’Anais 2010 Blanc de Blancs Review

This weeks Wine of the Week is Champagne! As many of you already know, I moved to Seattle recently. One of our house warming gifts was a bottle of the Xavier Leconte Le Charme D’Anais 2010 Blanc de Blancs. We popped open the bottle before dinner to celebrate the new move. There’s nothing like celebrating with a little bubbly! 😉

Upon doing some research, I found that this champagne can be purchased from Fat Cork for $58. (

I love Champagne and thought this was so delcious! Defiantly recommended for people looking to celebrate a special occasion or just because.


“100% Chardonnay created in honor of Anais, the daughter of Sylvie and Xavier. Produced exclusively from the 2010 vintage. The fruit is selected from their best parcels of Chardonnay. A portion of the base wine is fermented in barrels from Burgundy.” (

Smell, Taste & Finish:

“The pale yellow color of this wine has beautiful green highlights. The effervescence is very active and fine bubbles generate a beautiful bead on the surface. The presentation is fresh and dynamic. The smell is very aromatic and unique. It offers white fruits, hazelnuts and lightly toned woody and smoky notes. After aeration, we find praline, candied orange, irises, bread crumbs and almonds which demonstrate good evolution in the wine cellar. This is a particularly complex and seductive nose. The attack is lively and bright on the palate. The structure is firm and compact showcasing a beautiful balance between fruit and acidity. The finish is taught and structured, prolonging the pleasure and leaves us with a feeling of precision and consistency.” (


“This beautiful constructed Champagne, complex and stylish with a hint spirit of modernity and originality. Its aromatic register and grace in the mouth are sure to attract the most experienced tasters.” (


“Highly recommended as an apéritif for Champagne lovers. At the table, it would be a beautiful accompaniment to all types of seafood dishes and fresh cheeses.” (

I also found a fun article on 25 pairing ideas for Champagne. Click the link below for the BigOven blog to learn more about Champagne including how to best open a bottle, a little history on Champagne and many more fun facts/ideas.


Fat Cork Champagne 2